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Laserfiche Repository

KGS Communications has the best solution to transform your organization into an efficient, digital workplace.

Optimize your Enterprise Content Management system or ECM for short by using the File Repository application to build, organize and maintain your company’s documents digitally.

The application enables your organization to manage, control and share documents—eliminating paper, optimizing costs and powering innovation.

  • Set up a comprehensive folder structure with specific user roles and security profiles.
  • Save time and money by automating many of the manual functions of routing documents through your organization using the ECM workflow function.
  • Improve the consistency of the documents and scans placed in the ECM by creating templates for common document types.
  • Create a web portal to submit online forms for internal and external requests.
  • Assign the proper template, rename documents and create the appropriate folders based on field values and other metadata mined from OCR scanned documents.
  • Take the guess work out of document identification by matching similar types of documents with the tools within the ECM application.
  • Ensure the current version of a document is being used by enabling the version control feature to track the lifecycle of the document as well as maintain an audit trail.

Our ECM application has a low cost of ownership that makes it affordable for small, medium, and large organizations.

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