Custom Video-In-Print

Situation: Large telecommunications company wanted to expand their business within Universities and Colleges. CIO and other decision makers were not accessible to the sales team.

Task: Create a communication vehicle to gain access to key decision makers that allows the sales team to schedule an in-person presentation.

Action: Customize a Video-In-Print book with a video of the client’s product offering. Also, enclose a personalized letter to the CIO with a call to action from the sales team.

Result: The client increased in-person meetings by 30% with a successful closing that resulted in a 85% increase in sales for the eductional market space.

Proxy Notice Response

Situation: The client experienced a 40% drop-off in proxy notice response.

Task: The client’s marketing department recommended that the Proxy Notice use 9” x 12” envelope for greater visibility instead of their letter size #10 window envelope.

Action: KGS provided 3 recommendations to increase the proxy voting responses from shareholders.

  • Recommended a 6” x 9” envelope instead of 9” x 12” envelope to standout from other mail and save on postage costs.
  • Design the proxy notice with clearer action steps.
  • Add a QR code to enable voting responses via a web portal for more convenience.

Result: The client increased the response rate by 30% while reducing costs due to the increased number of respondents voting on the web portal instead of mailing back a paper ballot.

Promotional Message

Situation: Pharmaceutical client needed to get the sales team better access to prescribers to increase their product knowledge.

Task: Create a message with pharmaceutical product information that promotes sales team recognition with the prescribers as well.

Action: KGS recommended embedding the sales team contact information in a QR code along with the product information:

  • The top of the post-it-note sheet includes the Company logo and a QR code with the product information and sales team contact information in it.
  • The subsequent post-it-note sheets only display the Company logo and a QR code with product information so the prescriber can use them for their own purpose.

Result: The personalized post-it-notes’ QR code links to a landing page that can be changed by the company when the product information is updated or the sales team contact changes.